Monday, October 4, 2010


At our house nothing says Fall like the aroma of German Apple Cake baking in the oven. This recipe comes from the King Arthur Cookbook. It is a layered cake beginning with batter, apples that have been tossed in sugar and spices, and batter once again. It is moist cake and oh sooooooooo delicious. I enjoy it plain with a glass of fresh cider and my husband tops his off with whipped cream and a cold glass of milk. When it comes to spices for fall baking, I believe it is a good idea to invest in quality. My mother introduced me to these spice grinders. I happened to purchase different brands as that is what the grocery store had in stock, but both seem of equal quality.

Yesterday while out in the yard, I decided to "play" with my camera. Now as far as camera's go my Canon G10 is on the lower end of the price scale, but was the perfect camera for me to learn with. So I take hundreds of photos and if I'm really lucky one might be "blog-able". Many of you take the most incredible photos I have ever seen, I do aspire to be as good as you and yes you know who you are! So here are a few photos that I took around the yard photoshop, as If I could even figure photoshop out....I can hardly decipher my camera's manual.

So, my kind and friendly readers I am open to any and all suggestions, especially If you own a G-10. My mantra is "even an old dog can learn a new trick"!