Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Winslow never in his wildest dreams thought he would be sharing a room with a chicken. The issue at hand- feather pecking. The culprit- Georgia.
The innocent victim- Sweet Henny Penny. I never would have imagined one of my girls behavior becoming so vicious. And why? As far as chickens go they lead a very comfortable existence. They reside in proper accommodations(not over crowded), nutritious feed and treats (grit and calcium also provided), free range weather permitting, and as far as I can see no external parasites. Chicken mama's I need your help. Could it be I am over looking something vital to their co- existence?

I cleaned poor Henny's wound and applied Blu-Kote.
Her accommodations for the next few days-Winslow's travelling dog crate.

This afternoon my sweet girl laid her egg in this crate and carried on with all her usual exuberant trumpeting. I am treating her to a five star hotel room accommodation. I can only imagine this as I myself have never stayed in a five star hotel. Dining is on antique Currier and Ives china and dinner this evening consists of organic blueberries and yogurt.
Rest assured Henny Penny, your chicken momma will keep you safe,
for tonight anyway.
(In the coop I have hung a seed block to aid in the girl's desire to peck and also added unfiltered apple cider to their water, an old fashioned remedy I found on a chicken keeping site.) I welcome any and all other chicken ideas and suggestions. Thank you once again! Things are never dull here at Dog Trot Farm....