Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday the temperature hit the low fifties....there was a bit of Spring to the air....and this got me thinking about flower gardens.... perennials.... herbs and vegetable gardens ....and of course baby chicks. I know I am not alone when I say there is nothing like having your own flock of hens. They are a great source of enjoyment and entertainment. For those of you who might be contemplating this idea.... Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens.... in my opinion is a must have book. Straight forward information....no sugar coating....the bible to us chicken keepers. Next book.... Choosing And Keeping Chickens offers beautiful photos of various breeds of chickens and is also a wealth of information....it offers information on breeds, hatching, rearing, showing, pests and diseases....
Keeping Chickens.... The Essential Guide To Enjoying And Getting The Best From Chickens is another book filled with bucolic photos and unique housing ideas for your chickens. There are craft ideas and recipes included too.
Next.... Hen And The Art Of Chicken Maintenance Reflections on Raising Chickens is a fun read....it is an account of one amateur chicken keeper and his flock.
Famous Chicken Stories is a 1944 children's book I discovered while thrifting. This book includes the tale of Henny Penny, The Little Chick That Would Not Go To Bed, The Little Red Hen and more delightful chicken stories that I recall from childhood.
Last is Minnie Rose Lovegreen's Recipe For Raising Chickens....Minnie was one of nineteen children and raised chickens for sixty years. She offers practical " down on the farm" advice for novice and seasoned chicken keepers alike: "the main thing is to keep them (chickens) happy" can't get any easier than that. This is a most beloved chicken book.... I consider it a must have to any one's chicken library.... not technical.... just good common sensePredators.... if you are raising chickens this is a real concern. In my area our main predator is the fox....I'll never forget the morning Gladys got carried away by a fox. I searched most of the day for her and had just about given up at nightfall I discovered her lying by the garden injured.... bleeding.... but alive. Gladys had found her way home and I was going to give her my best effort in keeping her alive. She spent a week in the chicken infirmary .... and today Gladys is as good as new. If you are thinking of becoming a chicken keeper look for breeds that will do well in your climate. A chicken coop does not need to be fancy however, placement and ventilation are an important factor. I can guarantee you will need to perform "doctoring" at one time or another. I would suggest a cage that you can bring into the house for such emergencies. Believe me when I say it is best to be prepared. Feed, scratch and shavings can be found at Tractor Supply, Blue Seal and Paris Farmers Union Stores. My girls are fed organic feed however, that is my choice not theirs. The old adage is "you reap what you sow." Just ask Henny Penny and Iris-
these are two very happy girls and in turn give me such beautiful brown eggs....Once you have a few hens and become established you become hooked and decide well maybe just a few more. Beware....chickens are addictive. Have you ever seen the television show the "Hoarders"? I had not until a few weeks ago....a man had 168 hens living in his home....that is all I am going to say about that.... remember I warned you..... Honey.... have you seen my Murray McMurray catalog?