Monday, August 2, 2010


The month of August has arrived and with it warm days and cool nights. This is the weather we here at Dog Trot Farm have been longing for. The corn is growing.... Indian corn that is. Full sunshine is at a premium here at Dog Trot so I need to be creative in my planting. Okay, I can hear ya laughing at me.

Bottle gourds are climbing....
and lookie here.... I am so excited for I have successfully grown Cinderella pumpkins! My all time favorite. (These are the beauties that are soooooo expensive to purchase. Now I need to be honest and confess my vegetable garden is nothing but a big "bust." Lots and lots of peas, lettuce, beans, but not much else. Again, a lack of full sunshine. Now Ali and Dan proprietor's of the blog Henbogle grow the most amazing prolific vegetable gardens I have ever seen. They grow lots of wonderful things with exotic names. Ali also whips up some of the most mouth watering recipes, check Henbogle out you won't be sorry!
My perennial garden has now reached it's peak performance.
and did I mention I have Cinderella pumpkins!