Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Do you recall when I had an unfortunate incident with my oven?

Well allow me to refresh your memory. Last week I inadvertently left the last batch of sugar cookies in the oven (cookies from a Martha Stewart recipe that I had toiled over, rolled and cut into perfect little turkeys) when I pressed the "clean" button. When I realized what I had actually done it was to late.... the oven door was locked and locked good. Now, while my cookies were going up in smoke the UPS man left a package on my doorstep. The UPS man and I are on a first name basis.... I seem to be taking cookies out of the oven on his weekly arrivals. I always offer "John" a cookie or two for the road. No cookies for him on this day. Now.... back to the package....During all the commotion I completely forgot about the package till my husband walked through the door and said "honey this is for you." Me?.... I hadn't ordered anything. Well....Low and behold It was a gift from a sweet blogging friend.... Amy of Verde Farm. Verde Farm is home to the most wonderful menagerie of animals, also home to a "haunted" barn where a "spirit" likes to play pranks and rearrange their donkeys. Amy had gifted me a Verde Farm tee shirt,Verde Farm mug, and two of the sweetest bars of homemade soaps. Notice the couple embracing on the red bar. It was so very thoughtful and kind of Amy....It put a great big smile on my face. Two things I have taken from this incident.... don't try and multi-task when you are enduring a migraine and secondly.... blogging friends are simply the best. You can rest assured someday I am going to find my way to Verde Farm and meet Amy and her wonderful menagerie of animals. Thank you again Amy, someday "MAINE LICENSE PLATES" will be traveling up your driveway! Oh, thirdly....parchment doesn't burn, who knew?