Friday, September 3, 2010


Good morning Winslow Homer, do you remember what today is? Oh come on now put a smile on your face, it's not going to be that bad. There will be lots of eye candy and remember how lovely you smell after a day at the spa. Okay, "manly". No, I promise you don't need to have your nails done. Good boy.... Come on lets get you in your seat belt. Hum, seems a little tight, yup you can ride in Mama's new car, just don't touch anything, keep your nose of the windows, no changing the radio station and remember NO EATING or DRINKING!
This afternoon I noticed a larger than normal amount of noise and activity going on in the hen yard, (usually the girls only carry on like this when I do something stupid like lock myself in.) What's up girls, I ask?
My younger girl's Fern and Pheobe were curious too. Nope, there is no one new at Dog Trot Farm. Nope, I haven't noticed anything or anyone strange.
Gladys I ask, what is going on with those sisters of yours? I swear I noticed a grin on Gladys' face along with the distinct cackle of hens behind me.
Now girls that is not very ladylike....
A face that can only melt a mother's heart, oh, and he smells like lemon verbena too! Girls, get that smirk off your face!