Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Can you find us? Yes, all is well here at Dog Trot Farm. Winter's white out conditions have forced many to remain at home. Many businesses and schools are closed as the roads have become quite dangerous. I find it to be a perfect day for sitting by the fire.... pulling out a good book, seed catalog or an unfinished project. I have many of those. The girls are all snuggled in their coop and have enjoyed a morning breakfast of warm oatmeal and raisins. Winslow Homer is by the wood stove dreaming of summer days yet to come and Emma Lou remains tucked in her little bed. DH plows our driveway and I snow blow.... there are pros and cons to living so far of the main road and one of which is plowing. We however, would not have it any other way, I can not imagine living in a development. I would have to dress appropriately when visiting my girls first thing in the morning, I mean I have been know to hang laundry in my night gown and DH has been know to run out in his long johns when starting his car in the early morning hours. God forbid If one of us ever locked ourselves out of the house ....well, the snow is accumulating quite swiftly....with the heaviest snow forecast for this afternoon.
Winslow my little man....I think it's time to head in and enjoy a mug of hot cocoa.

Above are the newly painted shutters which are now in our downstairs bathroom. Yesterday while visiting Goodwill I spied this valance for $1.99. This was the perfect accessory to give a little "umph" to the bathroom. Well, those of you who are experiencing this storm please stay safe and to all have a great day.