Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I posted a picture of this cat on a Wordless Wednesday. This is not Emma, but a stray on the island where my parents reside. She is lovely in looks and personality and I felt deserved a name. "Elliott" has been residing on a summer resident's porch in a grocery box. Now that this family has left the island my dad has befriended her. He has provided food, a newly constructed cat box, which will offer security and warmth in the cold winter months. My parents together made the decision to take her to the Vet in Portland. Elliot's age was determined between three and thirteen. She had been spayed at one time and was in relatively good health. She was given a rabies vaccine and treated for fleas. It is obvious she was someone's pet, however no one has claimed her. The Vet and my dad made the decision to bring her back to the island. Elliott has been an independent outdoor lady for quite some time and being caged up in a shelter would do more harm than good.

I myself cannot fathom how people can mistreat or just dispose of an animal. You all can rest assured that this lady will be well taken care off. I am glad to know there are good Samaritans like my parents in this world who choose to do the right thing. Elliott and I thank you both.