Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Many of you kind friends have inquired as to the well being of Winslow Homer, our Cairn Terrier.Winslow as most of you know is the mascot of Dog Trot Farm, he is the dog with the trot. For the past month there have been many highs and lows regarding Winslow's health. For a brief period our weekly vet. visits began to show much improvement and then a slippery slope of declining health set in. Winslow's blood sugar remained high, as in off the meter high. Our once weekly visit evolved into twice weekly with some all day stays. The word Cushing's disease remained lurking in the conversations with our vet. I had declined to further educate myself on Cushings as I knew it was not going to be good, not an easy disease to treat in dogs. One day as I was checking out an owner brought in a Cairn. Princess was ten, as is Winslow Homer, but appeared much older. In a matter of a week with declining health Princess was diagnosed with diabetes and had become blind. I was looking at the worse case scenario. My heart sank. Along with the diabetes Winslow has a skin condition. Unable to take steroids due to the diabetes Winslow is on a antihistamine. To top it all off he has a collapsible trachea. What was first diagnosed as Kennel cough and then bronchitis turned out to be his trachea. This condition does occur in dogs and treatment could consist of having his trachea rebuilt or as benign as a cough suppressant and stress management. We have opted for the later. Now for the good news, Monday Winslow's blood sugar was near perfect and his heart and lungs sounded clear and strong. No need to see Dr. Rust for two weeks, two weeks....I could jump for joy! Our day begins at 5:30.... breakfast and an insulin shot and one doggie treat between breakfast and dinner. It's difficult, Winslow takes after his human mom we love our treats, but if tough love is going to keep Mr. Winslow Homer with us for a few more years than that is what we are commited to. So there you have it dear friends....today was a good day for both Winslow Homer and myself.