Sunday, March 28, 2010


This view of the White Mountains of New Hampshire was not, I repeat, was not easily obtained. It took all my strength and determination to reach this point in our Saturday morning hike.

I shall begin from the beginning. Exercise we all know aids in our mental health and well being. With that in mind DH and I decided it would be a perfect day for a hike. Okay, it was my idea. We headed for Douglas Mountain which is a relatively short driving distance from our home. Forty minutes later we deposited our parking fee in the honor system box and began our trek along with a group of pre-teens and their chaperon who had arrived the same time as we. Off to the woods we travailed, birds singing, kid's happy voices in the air and Winslow Homer trotting along (still hacking from his kennel cough). We had hiked thirty minutes or so when we approached a stream. The setting was oh so picturesque. I watched as the group of kids now ahead of us mastered the moss covered rocks. They all scampered across as only kids can do, their chaperon not far behind. I approached the rocks with the same intent, but when my feet hit those moss covered rocks, I ended up ass end in the stream. My brain couldn't fathom what had just occurred, but my derriere and shoulder sure knew. All I could hear was "oh honey" DH hauled me out of the water and checked me over making sure I was indeed okay. I was, just stunned and wet. Not only were those rocks mossy, but ice covered. I elected to keep going on. A second attempt ended in the same results. Now my feet are slogging around in my hiking boots, steam rising out of my gloves, and my lined jeans are beginning to stiffen. With much encouragement from DH (and I mean much) I endured. The kids ahead of us kept asking if I was okay, and their chaperon offered me her long underwear,( there are still kind people in this world) I knew if I kept moving I would stay warm, warm but wet. I did decline the long underwear but agreed to join their group. The chaperon took me aside and informed me her kid's wanted to keep an eye on me. What a sight I was. An hour later we made it to the summit of Douglas Mountain. Thank you God. We all climbed the stone tower, took the photo, enjoyed a few minutes of conversation, I thanked everyone, and quickly made the descent down, straight down as in the route with the least amount of hazards and no flowing water over ice covered mossy rocks!
There was a reason hidden in my brain why I never wore these hiking boots and it was not till I had them on my feet and my butt in the stream that I remembered: they are "slippery soled" and now most surely a hazard to my physical well being
I think the boots will be much better served as a planter. I will plant "hens and chickens" in them this spring and place them on our stonewall for all to enjoy. I now am in the market for new hiking boots anyone have any suggestions? Let me just state it is never dull here at Dog Trot Farm and I have the black and blues to prove it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


To aid in my mental health I decided to venture outdoors with the girls today hoping to make more progress in the task of uncovering my perennial beds. There is something about fresh air and warm dirt under your fingers that just makes "ya" feel good. My good intentions however, did not last long as it was just too "dang" cold, but the girls didn't seem to mind. I decided progress could be made indoors doing laundry. I really don't mind doing laundry, but my washers and dryer are in the "cellar" and one of the drawbacks of having the laundry in the cellar is the telephone always seems to ring every time I head down those stair. Today however, I clipped the phone to the back of my jeans. ( best tip I ever read from Martha Stewart is to own two washers). I continued about my day and completely forgot about the location of the phone. Laundry got completed, bed sheets got changed, dishwasher emptied. I was on a roll. I decided to keep progress moving and do a little baking. While working in the kitchen I enjoy background noise and lately it is to the sound of Sweet Henny Penny. Today however, she was out with her sisters so I turned on the television. Well low and behold a blast from the past, Little House On The Prairie. Okay, I admit it I had a thing for Charles Ingalls. I really was not paying much attention to the show, but did over hear Caroline informing Charles that she was pregnant. Later on I caught the words being said by Dr. Baker "Caroline you are not pregnant, but going through "the change". Oh my Lord, they actually did an episode with Caroline Ingalls going through "the change"? I couldn't believe what I was hearing, was this being aired just for my well being? Just then I became startled by the phone ringing, what did I do with the phone? I ran around the house looking- I knew it was close at hand but where? Okay, so I figured it out (doh!) when I sat down to indulge in a glass of milk and a Toll House Marble Square. I reminded myself if Caroline Ingalls can make it through this phase in her life why can't I? With that being said I am never bringing this subject up again. Nor am I going to clip the phone to my back side, it will just have to ring!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I returned home from vacation and something strange happened, I did not feel like myself. Oh I was glad to be home and so happy to see my feathered friends and Winslow and Emma too. I couldn't quite put my finger on this feeling, just felt off. Then I looked at my reading material, which by the way says it all. Dang, I'm even beginning to think I resemble this women on the book cover. I do need help. Now lets see, my symptoms are- feeling tired, lack of interest, I have been dragging myself to greet the girls each morning, (highly unusual for this chicken loving mama ) Have had no desire to blog or even read blogs (what is wrong with me). My head feels like "fluff" and I can't remember a thing (" honey have you seen my glasses"?) Oh and anything made with sugar would be my food of choice. Now, here is the most important clue, night sweats and sleeplessness. I figure If you add these symptoms together you come up with "MENOPAUSE". All you ladies of a certain age please reassure me that this is going to end before I kill myself or someone kills me! Honey, I know you love me and yes you are a very patient man. Ladies is there light at the end of the tunnel? Enough said. Even Winslow Homer has been out of sorts. The kennel cough has lasted longer than we had anticipated, Winslow keeps praying it will leave him soon. "Hang in there buddy."
This morning I jumped out of bed to greet the day. Sleeping in my new "chicken lounging pants" did put a smile on my face.

I came downstairs to be greeted by my new chicken friends, which did make me feel happier.
One can never have enough chicken friends you know. Went outside and began digging in the dirt, oh the feeling of warm soil in your hands can't help but make ya feel happy.
Having chickens is good mental therapy. Chickens are always ready to listen
and do not hesitate to offer an opinion.
chickens are always good company, plain and simple.
and the rewards, priceless.
I do believe I feel better after writing this post, thank you and goodnight!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Here at Dog Trot Farm life is trying to resume it's normal flow. Let me just state there are circumstances standing in the way. First, a trip this morning to the veterinarian's office. It seems Winslow Homer has come down with a case of kennel cough. We left the vet's office with antibiotics in hand and my purse a little lighter (no a lot lighter). Second, Henny Penny now has a featherless back. She has been Blu-Koted and returned to the indoor five star accommodations. I know she is enjoying this living situation regardless of the humiliation it brings her. Now it appears Gladys and Lucy have decided to don the "naked neck" chicken look, let me just state this is not a fashion statement I want my girl's to promote. Why is it I wonder that Miss Georgia is the only one of my girl's with all her feathers intact?
When you leave the State of Maine and head South one of the first things you observe is the abundance of billboard ads. Here in Southern Maine we have very few billboards, if any. I'd like to keep it that way. Billboards I have noticed can be quite diverse in their advertising, anything from sex to religion. Two ads I recall read " You don't need facebook to talk to God" and "Recession 101-self worth is more important than net worth". I thought these to be quite thought provoking. Both of these quotes in my opinion "hit the nail on the head". As you enter Pennsylvania you begin to see the three crosses in the landscape, which as most of you know represent the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Also seen are billboard ads for fireworks. Big business this must be as everywhere you look from Pennsylvania on through to the South these signs clutter the scenery. Fireworks in the State of Maine are illegal. Once you enter Tennessee the advertising starts in earnest for the "all you can eat" buffet restaurants. Parking lots for these restaurants appeared full no matter what the time of day. More bang for the "buck" I would suspect, in this economy who wouldn't want to get their money's worth. More on observations coming tomorrow !

Thursday, March 11, 2010


"Home sweet home," sweet home Alabama that is. Cousin Eve does indeed live on a beautiful mountain top, her enchanted home is nestled among the woods.
This day brought sunshine and a warm breeze. I took the opportunity to try out Miss Morgan's swing,
and shared a walk through the woods with Miss Daisy Lu.
I was delighted to meet one of Eve's new friends, Krista. She informed me that this weather would indeed wake the rattle snakes up and get them moving. Yup, me with my Mary Jane's on. Thankfully, I did not encounter any snakes, scorpions or black widow spiders. I am a girl from the Northeast, we do not worry about such things, but if I had to I guarantee you I would be dressed in armor and the insect man would be my best friend!
Now, Miss Evie is a fantastic cook and quite a hostess. Her famous dish is pork loin cooked on the grill. She marinates her pork in a secret sauce (which I never did find out). As evening came Eve placed her loin on the grill, and we girl's do what we usually do when we are together, start talking about gardening. We began a tour of all her new and existing gardens, when her Hubby came running out the front door wanting to know where the fire extinguisher was! Not a good sign. It appeared the grill was on fire and her house soon to be. Thankfully Hubby found the fire extinguisher, the loin was charred to perfection and the grill, well lets just say I think a trip to Home Depot is in the near future. Hence the $160.00 dollar pork loin. $10.00 for the loin and $150.00 for the grill.
The meal was delicious and not soon to be forgotten. Thank you to Heath for not only saving the meal, but putting up with Eve's family from Maine. He is a kind and generous man. Tomorrow more adventures from the South and the saga of the "house sitters."