Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay, so my beautiful girls have not begun to lay eggs. I have not heard a "cluck "or a "crowing" but they do tend to "honk". They are unique unto themselves. For instance while free ranging they might decide to opt for a sunbath. A warm sunny spot in the lee where they cluster together and begin to purr in sheer happiness. Yes, that's right purr. Who knew?

Often when I visit the coop at night there is usually some quiet chatter going on.

And if I decide to visit for a minute, the girls start vocalizing their opinion. Barak-barak-barak, no "clucking" just barak.

So it took me awhile to catch on to "what" they might be voicing. Now I have been told chickens are not very bright. I beg to differ. I think barak refers to President Barack Obama. The girls have been voicing their opinions in regard to the state of the world and health care reform. Who's got egg on their face now, chickens dumb? Ha! Maybe I had better listen more carefully- the girls might just come up with something useful. It couldn't hurt, could it?


Have you ever noticed how some of your most interesting thought's come to you in the middle of the night? I've read to keep pen and paper by the bedside so you can jot these thoughts down. Great idea, however, if you are of a certain age like me, you can never locate your glasses. I have told my husband on my gravestone I want the inscription to read "honey have you seen my glasses". Have you noticed when you get to this certain age words of wisdom from elder family members start to come true. For instance, "the older you become the faster time flies". True. How about that face you see in the morning, "mirror mirror on the wall I am my mother after all". True, and not always a negitive thing. You require less sleep as you age. True. It's really your body begining to dysfunction, it can now go from hot to cold in thirty seconds. It's no wonder we can't sleep. Liver spots, what exactly is a liver spot?I say sun spots. I have earned them from working thirty years bare handed in the garden. I enjoy the feel of dirt between my finger's. How about this, you look over at your husband and think to yourself, who is this person I married! Oh right, I have been married thirty-one years. The white in my hair, the wrinkles that now appear on my face and body I wear as an earned rite of passage. Aging is not for the faint of heart. I rise every morning take my fish oil, turn Imus on the radio and be very grateful I have lived to see another day!