Tuesday, August 10, 2010


On a hot humid summer day there is nothing finer than breathing the fragrance of salt air deep into your lungs....and seeing the sight of Long Island off in the distance.... Six miles out in Casco Bay, Long Island rests.On the journey to the Island you might see a lobster man hard at work hauling traps, sail boats with their colorful sails billowing in the breeze- seagulls, seals.... Means of transportation to the Island is by Casco Bay Lines. A round trip ticket will cost you $10.00.Mail, groceries, personal freight, animals and vehicles are also transported by the ferry line. I was born and raised on this Island. My parent's were the original "Ozzie and Harriette" my brother, "The Beaver." Yup, I have dated myself. Kids on the Island still today attend a one room school house, which does have a middle dividing door converting the room into two when need be. Children attend the Island school up to the fifth grade and then commute by ferry to schools in neighboring Portland. My family home is located in the center of the Island off a dirt road. This is also the house where my mother and her sibling's were raised. Once upon a time chickens resided on this property too. My great grandparents lived across the street and had a barn with dairy cows and chickens. There is a sense of community to this Island, where people are always willing to help their neighbor.

This screen door is my mother's pride and joy, a gift from my dad one Mother's Day. It was made in Maine at the Screen Door Factory in the town of Waldorboro. It looks perfect on my parent's home.

"Sassy" the resident ruler of the household....

and a neighboring cat just stopping by to say "hello"....
This is a favorite spot to hunt for beach glass and old pottery shards.
A favorite summertime activity, not just on Long island but on neighboring Islands as well. Oh, to be a teenager again.Summertime on Long Island, there is nothing better! Oh yes, the water temperature was 65 degrees.