Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today is Winslow Homer's ninth birthday. Winslow Homer came to live with us on a Saturday in February. Now I had no intention of owning another dog. At the time we had a beloved Collie, Chloe. DH and I were out doing errands that Saturday morning and on the list was to purchase Chloe a new "shedding" brush. Off to the pet store we went. Of course upon entering we "oh" and "ah" over the puppies. DH spied Winslow Homer and his sister and asked to hold them. Winslow took of scurrying around the pet store and his meek and mild sister was content just to be held. I grabbed the shedding brush and then took a turn holding Winslow, proceeded to give him back to the store employee, when DH looked at me and said "how can you put him back". Well, I can. Needless to say Winslow came home with us that day and has been a faithful friend . Now I realize what some people think when they hear you purchased a puppy at a pet store. We had always adopted our animals, but this was just meant to be. When looking through Winslow's paper work we learned he came from Kansas and his mother's name was Julie D. My name is Julie, middle initial D. It was a sign, Winslow was meant to be part of our family. Oh and Chloe never did get her shedding brush that day, but did get a faithful sidekick. Happy birthday Winslow Homer!