Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today, I needed a little break from the homestead and all it's chores that seem to be mounting daily. I'm sure you all understand- the mowing, weeding, house painting, coop cleaning, ten minutes of rug hooking- chores that never seem to end. Today was a beautiful day, a great day in fact to attend a craft fair. The sun was shining and however briefly, the humidity gone. I picked up my best gal pal and we hit the road. This local craft fair is held on an agricultural location. The juried vendors set up their wares in animal stalls and in various tents. I love craft fairs and enjoy conversing with such artistic creative people and also buying local. This fair had offerings ranging from sea glass jewelry to goat milk soap. There were fragrant herbs and spices, decadent fudge, pottery, baskets, knit items, quilts, stain glass, painted wood, wreaths, and much much more. There were many items I would have loved to give a home to, but I kept my spending at bay. My purchase so far was one organic blueberry soda. Then I spied a silver ring, placed it on my finger and it just made me smile. Oh, this vendor has some lovely pieces however, I don't wear silver jewelry but gold, so I placed the ring back and continued on. Oh, I would have loved to purchase the beautiful ash laundry basket, or the vibrant teal boiled wool mittens. There were also some of the most creative bird houses which were made using old garden implements and tools incorporated into their design. But alas, I just could not get that little flower ring out of my mind. I once again placed the ring on my finger and once again it did make me smile. I paid the vendor and realized that this little ring was meant to be mine.
Isn't it funny how such a small item can make you happy, put a little song in your heart and a spring to your step! It was a good day indeed.