Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yellow.... a friendly color.... a color that lifts our spirits....a color which offers a ray of sunshine.... a color that is most welcomed on such a wet and gloomy day as today.... yellow....the color of fuzzy baby chicks....and speaking of baby chicks....order forms are now available from Blue Seal....Paris Farmers Union Stores....and other local hardware stores. For those of you who are interested in starting a flock of your own, Blue Seal is offering a free course in chicken keeping. I attended this course two years ago, and it was very informative and beneficial to a newcomer such as myself. I do not typically offer advice, however, one of the most important steps in becoming a good chicken keeper is to be prepared. Before you go to pick up your new flock have your brooder ready. I used a cardboard box, newspaper lined on the bottom and paper towels on top of the newspaper. Have your heating lamp turned on (place a thermometer in the brooder) new chicks need a temperature their first weeks of ninety degrees. Have water and feeders filled and positioned in their new home. When introducing your chicks to their new surroundings make sure to dip their beaks in the water, you do not want them to become dehydrated. I added vitamins to my chick's water and also started them on medicated feed but switched to organic when they reached the proper age to do so. Then sit back and watch the fun begin. Your new fuzzy bundles will grow quickly, the more they are held the friendlier they will become. Oh....and let me forewarn you of the "chicken dust" they will create.... ....and If you are a lucky girl such as I, your mother will keep an eye out for all poultry related items. These boots.... an unexpected delivery.... arrived at my door last week.
Oh.... did they ever put a smile on my face....Thank you mom, I love them!
Chicken keeping will become addicting....and soon you will find chicken related items decorating your home....and before you realize it you'll be proud to sport a pair of chicken boots such as these....advertised in Martha Stewart Living....I'm sure Martha would say "Chicken Keeping: It's a good thing."