Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today was a day I would classify as a perfect ten, Robin's egg blue sky with cool temperatures. A good day to begin some outside chores. There was work to be done in the perennial bed, transplanting, dead heading and weeding. Shrubs to be pruned, a hen house to clean and more acorns to rake. Mrs. Turkey was also taking advantage of the day and brought her little one's out for a stroll. My girl's were close at hand watching all the activity going on in the front field.
It was also a good day to do some crafting. I crafted these wooden pumpkins fifteen years ago ( how time flies) the pumpkins were what I would refer to as "finished in a country style". Now that I have grown to appreciate the primitive look, I opted to give these pumpkins a face lift. I found my can of BriWax ( a primitive crafters favorite tool for wood finishing.)
First, I removed the raffia and gave the pumpkins a fine sanding. I applied a new coat of orange paint, lightly sanded once again and then applied the BriWax.
End result - the primitive look I was striving for.
Now that our evenings here in Maine have become somewhat chilly, ( but still to warm for a wood stove fire) I decided I needed a quilt to cozy up in. Now, I realize most of you ladies out in blog land quilt. I do not. Never have and probably never will. Oh, let me retract that statement, my first year of marriage my mother in-law suggested we take a quilting course together. I flunked out, I'm being honest. I do however appreciate all the time and effort that goes into a homemade quilt. When I happened to spy this Halloween quilt I knew it needed to come home with me.

It is a very festive reversible quilt....certainly not hand pieced, but machine made....I love it regardless.

Now these nuts, these acorns. I have raked an abundance of acorns in these last few days. The acorns pictured are not real, whatever possessed me to purchase them is beyond me, but knew they too needed to come home with me. My motto is.... you can never have to many nuts living under one roof... with that good night!