Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Because everyone has been offering me such wonderful tips in regards to my prior post, I thought I would offer one of mine. Now, if you are a "chicken keeper" or potential "keeper" this tip just might come in handy. Here goes: I till my "girls" chicken yard! Yup, it's true. When conditions become rather shall I say "ripe" I get out the tiller. Now I have to be honest and admit this tiller belongs to my mother, my sweet mother (who was Martha Stewart, before there was a Martha Stewart) loaned it to me for the purpose of tilling up my flower gardens. Well, I completed that task and then had the "bird brain" idea of tilling up the chicken yard.
This is a Troy Built "Mantis". It is small, compact and one sweet little machine. Every two weeks or when conditions warrant I till up the girl's yard. Not only does the odor disperse, unmentionables get tilled under, and the "girls" now have fresh earth to bath in! Happy chickens make a happy chicken keeper. The girls and I also want to properly thank "Nanny" for the loan of her Mantis.
In regards to the giveaway, friends and family (EVE) (MOM) are encouraged to participate. Offer me a tip (I need all the tips I can get.) One area I certainly need help in is photography. (Which I neglected to put on my list.) So Eve, Sharon, RR, Becky, Dani, Jenny and all the rest of you wonderful photographers help this girl out, will you? Us girls need to stick together, just ask Gladys!