Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday was a perfect day to finish up "Ollie" he was finally able to join his new friends. Unfortunately it is time to pack them away until next year, you can see Ollie is not happy about this by the look on his face. This morning as I went to gather eggs, Pip greeted me at the door and was soon joined by Willa. They were quite animated, it was as if they couldn't wait to show me something.
My oh my those girls of mine have been working overtime.
Eight beautiful eggs.
It has lead me to wonder what is so special about this particular nest box.
There are four nest boxes, but this one seems to be the favorite. Is it the amount of chips? location? or could it be once one egg is laid and still warm, it prompts another to jump in and go about her business. All I can say is what a delight to collect warm eggs first thing in the morning. Girls I am very grateful, keep up the good work!