Friday, May 8, 2009


What a week this has been. First, my sidekick, my best buddy, also know as my laptop caught a virus, no let me rephrase that many viruses. It returned to me today, and I am so happy! Yes, it has messed with my blog and am trying to rectify this, please bear with me. Then I ended up in the ER with what they think was a Gall Bladder attack, of course my DH is still out of town on business. I had a Hida Scan yesterday with nuclear medicine and will find out the results next week. I find it ironic that my DH is a nuclear power plant inspector and I returned home glowing. The good news the babies are here. I picked them up yesterday afternoon all ten little peeps. Emma Lou does not know what to think, she is very curious as she has been an indoors only kitty. It would not surprise me to find her sleeping in the brooder with them! Pictures to follow tomorrow. I am looking forward to reading everyone's blog and getting caught up