Tuesday, March 20, 2012


If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time, you know I am a homebody, I adore my girls (the chickens) and Winslow Homer is never far from my side. You also know I have a deep appreciation for Tasha Tudor and her life at Corgi Cottage. Quite by accident I discovered Mrs. Tudor. Fifteen years ago the ABC program 20/20 was airing, I really wasn't paying much attention, but I did hear the interviewer ask "what do you think of Martha Stewart?" "Who?" was Mrs. Tudor's reply. I was hooked, I sat down and finished watching the rest of the interview, completely drawn to this feisty lady, her art and the magical world she had created for herself. On Sunday, June 24 th my dream of visiting Corgi Cottage is coming true. My Dear Husband, sat at his computer ( at work no less) got called away ("I can't come, I'm doing something important") really I'm sure he was thinking "my wife will kill me if I don't come through" and yes!! He obtained two tickets to the Corgi Cottage Home and Garden tour and to meet members of Tasha's family. To walk the paths of Corgi Cottage where corgis once traveled, visit the barn where Tasha's beloved Nubian goats were kept, stand in her kitchen and envision her washing her antique china with Pelger the parrot on her shoulder and the "piece de resistance" Tasha Tudor's "paradise on earth" her gardens. Dreams do come true, and I feel like a very lucky girl. Honey, have you given any thought about Italy? A girl came dream, can't she