Sunday, October 17, 2010


I entered a blog giveaway, the blog being Millie's Mats. Kim, proprietor of Millie's Mats, was celebrating her 50th follower and the beautiful Fall season. I did not win, that honor went to Pix over at Rural Rambles. I did however become the recipient of a second giveaway. A silk satchel filled with festive pumpkins, napkins, and a sweet little mat hooked by Kim arrived at Dog Trot Farm. How exciting.
Kim, thank you so much for my lovely little mat, and all the other goodies. It was nice to have won such a sweet gift, but knowing it came from Millie's Mats is the icing on the cake!
Kim, your little mat will have a place of honor here at Dog Trot Farm, and who knows maybe someday you can see first hand how nicely your hooked mat looks in my home! Thank you.