Monday, January 11, 2010


These cold winter days find me sitting close to the wood stove daydreaming. Not dreams of future flower gardens or new vegetable seedlings, or even new rug hooking patterns, but of new feathered friends. Saturday I received my Hobby Farm and Hobby Home magazines, but look what else arrived in my mailbox, Murry McMurray Hatchery Catalog. Perusing this catalog can't help but put a smile on one's face.

And lookie here: Frizzles. I fell for the frizzle the first time I laid eyes on one at our local county fair. Their appearance looks as if it had been caught in a windstorm and their feathers blown backwards. Or as if one had stuck it's feather in an electrical outlet and the end result was the curly effect.
And then there is the fancy Top Hatter Polish. This bird appeared a little high strung, but then again most birds appear high strung at the county fair. I'm not sure if the Polish have an attitude or not, but with that mop on their head they certainly deserve one.

I still have a few months to daydream and of course there is a certain someone I need to talk this over with. And no it's not Winslow Homer. But really when you think about it chickens are like shoes, you just can never have to many!