Monday, December 7, 2009


Our winter wonderland is still with us, not much happening in regards to melting snow. Chicken prints, I love seeing them in the snow.
The "girls" are still undecided when it comes to all this white stuff.
Sunday morning was the first time the chickens did not come racing out of their coop. I think they realized the world as they knew it had suddenly changed.
A bit confused, huddled together, holding one foot up, patiently waiting for me to shovel a path which they hoped would lead to "greener" pastures.
After watching the girls spend most of the day trying to locate something green, I decided to whip them up my version of a "pumpkin hot toddy".
I cooked a pumpkin, scraped the insides ( seeds and all) put it in a blender, added a little milk and refilled the pumpkin shell. When served on a platter, you have some very happy ladies, who in return give you wonderful, large eggs. (And no complaints!)
Well maybe one, a few blueberries on top would have been nice.