Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today the weather is cool and crisp, a temperature this morning of 29 degrees. Really a bone chilling day when all I wanted to do is stay indoors nestled close to the wood stove and work on a hand craft. Before I could entertain that thought I needed to let the girls out for a quick jaunt. Well, do you see all this lovely land my girls have to free range on, for some reason they would rather head deep into the woods or head across the next field to my neighbor's house. After calling and searching I found them deep in the woods. With who knows what creatures eyes lurking on them. I eventually rounded them up, with the aid of my trusty oatmeal box and closed them into the safety of their pen. "PHEW" They were not to happy with me, but a mother has to do what a mother has to do. I have to say when they hear the sound of my voice and the shaking of the oatmeal box they do come running to me and then follow me into their pen.
With the girls finally secured I got the wood stove going and put a pot of simmering spices on top, the house now smells like fall cloves, cinnamon, apples slices.
I took this white wool
and transformed it into the colors of fall secured my wool cutter to the table and cut my strips.
Drew a jack o' lantern face onto my linen backing
and started hooking. I hope to turn this into a pillow before Halloween arrives. I just love this time of year!