Friday, August 14, 2009


The day began with glorious sunshine, well earned if I must say so. I greeted the girl's, "top of the morning to you ladies" and was just about to release them for the day, when I had this feeling or as I refer to it "my inner voice" telling me "NO, DON'T DO IT" So, I offered them strawberries instead. I went about my morning working in my gardens and happened to notice three momma turkeys with their twelve babies enjoying their morning stroll. They proceeded to walk through the yard by the coop. My girls stood completely still and did not make a peep. The turkeys gave them the once over and then made their way into the woods. I thought nothing more. Till all of a sudden I heard this horrendous screeching, like a cat fight only with "gobbling" thrown in. I grabbed the closest tool I had, and ran towards the noise. Yup, thats right a fox- the same very LARGE fox that I had encountered at the end of my driveway- the same fox that was under my bedroom window "howling" last night. This fox had killed three of the baby turkeys. That being bad enough, the sound of the momma turkey calling out to her babies was heart wrenching. So, this evening while visiting with family from Oregon, I asked my nephew to please see what Winslow Homer was barking at, Winslow can lose control over a mosquito. Geoff ran back in and said "there is a HUGE fox out there". Now, Winslow has been known to venture into woodchuck holes and shall we say have a little "go around". I thought great, all I need is to deal with Winslow and a HUGE fox. But, as I type this Winslow has been rounded up, puckers and all. My girls are locked up tight for the night, and that very LARGE fox is lurking out there somewhere in the dark. Gladys and the girls will not be free ranging anytime soon, that is, till I get the key to my son's gun cabinet. Watch out Mr. VERY LARGE fox this is war!!!!!!!!!!!! Tristan, I need the key to your gun cabinet!