Sunday, October 11, 2009


Early Friday morning I let my girls out to free range. I went about my business and they theirs. An hour or so later I did a head count and realized one of my barreds was missing. I went into the coop thinking the worst, but found sweet Willa. She had assembled a perfect little nest in the corner of the coop. I watched as she rearranged chips while making a little sing song sound. She was nesting. Yipee! I thought for certain when Willa turned around in this photo both she and I were going to see an egg. I sat quietly and waited, but no she jumped up and went out the door. Early Saturday morning I went out to check for eggs- nope no eggs. The girls went out into their pen and I returned to the house. Later in the morning however, I heard a strange very loud cackling sound all in unison. I ran to the coop thinking a predator had entered, but no everyone was fine. The girls just looked at me as if to say can "we go out to play now. Fine, off they went.
I happened to glance in the coop and to my amazement there in the middle of the floor was a perfect brown egg. After 158 days I finally have an egg. Clean, small, but perfect.
Life is good here at Dog Trot Farm.Thank you Willa.