Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Pumpkins. There isn't a pumpkin that I don't like- large, small, round, tall, orange, green- I like them all. Speaking of pumpkins, last year was a lean year here in New England for pumpkins. The weather conditions were just to cold and wet, not the ideal hot sunny weather that pumpkins require. Hence, canned pumpkin was especially impossible to find. To date there remains a huge gap on the grocery store shelf where canned pumpkin usually finds it's home. In fact it is still unavailable. For a brief period of time canned organic pumpkin was found, but at $3.99 it was a little steep for my liking. Eventually it too quickly sold out and canned pumpkin vanished completely. This year our prospects appear better, the weather has cooperated and than some. Believe me I am going to stock up! What would Fall be without pumpkin bread, pie, pancakes, bars it's just not Fall without pumpkin. A perfect orange globe...Tasha Tudor would refer to this pumpkin as a "pumpkin moonshine"
I like warts.... warts on pumpkins that is.... the more warts the better.

Sorry about the clarity of this photo, but can you just imagine what a great face this pumpkin would make?
This is a beefy looking pumpkin....speckles with subtle stripes...

Love the color of this pumpkin.... salmon....I want to be daring and paint a wall this color... pair it up with a shade of teal....key word....daring.
however, as daring as I would like to be.... this is how my pumpkins stack up.