Thursday, April 26, 2012


Last evening as I climbed into bed...
I could feel it beginning...the dreaded migraine...nothing can interrupt life like a had been a year since my last migraine attack...severe enough that my neurologist put me on a ten day cycle of steroids...thankfully that worked...since then however... my neurologist has closed his practice to teach at Dartmouth Hitchcock, the headache specialist has left her medical primary care physician informed me I do have the option of returning to the original neurologist I saw when this nightmare reply "why in the world would I choose to return to a specialist who falls asleep while taking a patients medical history?" This morning...I popped a pill, pulled the covers over my head and spent the day in bed...thankfully this evening the migraine is subsiding...the hunt for a new neurologist is on...that in itself can cause a migraine..what is a girl to do...Botox anyone?