Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last Saturday DH and I ventured around the corner to our favorite Christmas tree farm. It's just a small grove of trees beside and in back of this gentleman's home. His trees are lovely and well taken care of. We found the perfect Christmas tree for us. Honey would you like to change your mind? "Nope" I said I'm happy with my first choice, "good" was the reply.Thank goodness we cut our tree before the snow came. Sunday we brought the tree indoors and let the branches settle before decorating. Um, I think it's "leaning" a little. I do remember saying those words, I swear I do.
Monday after three hours of decorating, over it went. Yes, I lost ornaments and yes I did shed a few tears, but I have recovered.
After restringing lights, and replacing ornaments, old Tannebaum has been erected once again. Tonight as I turn on the tree lights my tree seems to come alive with the spirit of Christmas.

Thank goodness my sweet little chicken ornament did not get smashed to smithereens, somebody would be sleeping out in the coop with the "girls".
Moral of the story, when your wife says the tree is leaning, it's leaning!!! plain and simple.
(If my husband reads this post, I will be sleeping out with the girls!!)