Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"Pinky" is the cat I adopted at the beginning of June. She was a victim of a house fire, thus the burnt nose. Her family was left homeless and Pinky was brought to the shelter. When I visited she had been at the shelter seven months. After hearing this sad story my heart took over, not my brain. I had been searching for another cat to befriend our sweet Emma Lou, who was our only kitty. When Emma was adopted into our family she joined a menagerie of 4 cats, 2 dogs, a pair of steers, 3 hamsters and a bird. The rabbit ran away. Over the years our menagerie has dwindled and I felt Emma was lonely and needed a friend, a feline friend that is. Enter Pinky.
Pinky aka "Edythe Larue" has lovely bedroom eyes, a beautiful coat, rolls of fat and is lovely to look at. However, she can meow and hiss in one breath, does not like to be picked up, and is just now warming up to my husband. The big problem, this is where I should have listened to my brain, Pinky has huge paws with claws. These claws have attacked sweet Emma , who has none. Emma who is sixteen and not as agile as she once was. These claws have dug deeply into our furniture, and now are shredding our pine door jambs. Initially, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and time to adjust. I have come to the conclusion that Pinky should reside in a home with a single female, be the only pet, and should remain inside. I do need to say Pinky has bonded with me. She waits at the top of the stairs for me at night, purrs, is friendly, sleeps beside me or on the windowsill by the bed. But in order to keep peace and Emma's safety Pinky resides upstairs. Oh, she can sneak down and attack, even with a bell on, but Winslow will hear all the commotion and chase her back up. I should also reveal that Emma, who received a brain injury last year after hitting an inside window, has seizures, and these attacks from Pinky can trigger one.

So, enough said. I need to decide whether to keep her or return her. I keep hoping this situation will improve, however, I just don't think it will. I am listening to my brain. And yes the shelter will take her back and is a no-kill facility. Your input is greatly appreciated. Oh by the way, my husband wants to keep her.


Winslow and Emma have one thing in common,

both would like this cat to find a new home!

Let me just say, she is definitely a "Pinky"
More to follow........