Sunday, May 31, 2009


The girls are tucked in nicely in their new home. Lots of room for them to run and practice takeoff and landing skills, scratch around, and have a dust bath when needed. Who knew that adolescent chickens could be so entertaining. Combs are beginning to grow, down is being replaced by feathers, and different vocals are being heard. As in, get out of my way or I was here first or don't peck on me. One other interesting discovery, when the girls begin to settle down for the night they preform a wing leg stretch. A wing is extended along with a corresponding leg, and then a huddle. While I am recuperating from gall badder surgery my sweet niece Darlena is staying with us. Not because I am ill, but rather she and her husband are waiting to move into their new apartment on Wednesday. Darlena is taking over coop duties for the next few days. Might there be chickens in her future, could be! Till next time.