Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you follow this stone pathway.... It will lead you to my childhood home....An Island home....where my parents still reside, a home which helped form the person that I am.
I feel so fortunate to be able to return to this place that I love, where the taste of salt is in the air and the fragrance of Island roses softly permeates everywhere....

A place where the water is blue....
and the sand is white....and sings to you as you walk along....

If ever you've lived on an Island

If ever you've lived by the sea:

You'll never return to the mainland

once your spirit has been set free.

If you have ever smelled the ocean

or tasted the salt in the air:

You'll know you've discovered a haven

that is uncommon, precious and rare.

If ever you've seen the whales play

or watched the eagles in flight:

You'll remember, again, why you live there

and why it feels so right.

If ever you've seen the sunset

as the ferry passed the shore:

You've seen the beauty of the Island

that will be with you forever more.

If ever you've heard seagulls

the waves, a foghorn, the wind:

Then you've heard the song of the Island

and the peaceful message it sends.

Indeed, if you live on an Island

If you're lucky to live by the sea:

You'll never return to the mainland

as your spirit has been set free.

J. Earnhart

And let me just state right here and now the water is COLD, but man my pedicure is holding up quite nicely!