Thursday, August 23, 2012


It is no secret that I adore my chickens...I currently have a flock of 16, fourteen hens and two roosters. My best gal however, is Gladys...she is a Barred Rock and is one of the orignal hens from my first flock of ten, now three years old...out of those original ten I have five remaining, two Barred, two Buffs and one Americuana. These five hens are more like pets, they respond when called, sit to be picked up, enjoy treats and from time to time have had the pleasure of residing inside the house at the chicken hotel/infirmery...No car of yet! My gal Gladys has attitude, she knows she's a good looking gal, why the way she sways her rear end is quite indecent, never mind that it's bald...My chickens have provided us here at Dog Trot Farm with over four thousand eggs, and with the aid of Don Juan a hatching of chicks.

I do realize that in the not so distant future, the girls egg production will slow and eventually end. They need not worry, there is no stew pot in their future, just senior ladies living the good life. Pictured below are three regular sized eggs, three banty eggs, and one teeny tiny first egg..

First eggs are so special, yet I have never had one so tiny. A product of one of my latest full sized hens, which hen I'm not sure. Time will tell. Tonight, however, I'm going to crack the egg, I'm curious to see its yolk...a picture for tomorrow's if you are on the fence about getting some chicks, jump off that fence and just do it!