Sunday, May 31, 2009


The girls are tucked in nicely in their new home. Lots of room for them to run and practice takeoff and landing skills, scratch around, and have a dust bath when needed. Who knew that adolescent chickens could be so entertaining. Combs are beginning to grow, down is being replaced by feathers, and different vocals are being heard. As in, get out of my way or I was here first or don't peck on me. One other interesting discovery, when the girls begin to settle down for the night they preform a wing leg stretch. A wing is extended along with a corresponding leg, and then a huddle. While I am recuperating from gall badder surgery my sweet niece Darlena is staying with us. Not because I am ill, but rather she and her husband are waiting to move into their new apartment on Wednesday. Darlena is taking over coop duties for the next few days. Might there be chickens in her future, could be! Till next time.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last Monday, Memorial Day my parents came in town for a visit. The four of us went to the cemetery and then out to breakfast. Once home my dad went upstairs to pay a visit to the "girls." The next thing I heard was" Julie I think you better come up." Sweet innocent Pip had flown the condo. The netting was off and she was sitting behind the brooder. I scooped her up and placed her back in with her sisters. Upon inspection there were telltale signs of a grand adventure. Bird tracks everywhere. So, as of today Miss Pip and her sisters are being relocated to their coop. Now, I will miss all the chirping and singing, but not the dust that these girls generate. I now understand what my cousin Eve over at" Sunny Side Up" meant when she said "I can't wait to get the guineas out, the dust is driving me crazy". As of this afternoon all ten little "chooks" Pip, Pearl, Willa, Lucy, Gladys, Iris, Beatrix, Henny Penny, Charlotte, and Mable will be safe and sound in their new home.

Friday, May 29, 2009


As of Wednesday at 8:00 pm I am gall bladder free! However, I have been blindsided by all the pain and discomfort it has brought. I have had laparoscopic surgery prior and bounced back quickly. This time however, I feel like a steamroller has run over me. Upon my return home from the surgery center I was instructed to take morphine. (I am camped out on the couch as the thought of climbing stairs is not appealing) I take my morphine at midnight and the next thing I realize I am passed out on the kitchen floor. I crawled back to the couch and did not move for the rest of the night. No more morphine for me! It has been raining since Wednesday, I have not lost any gardening days. But when your down and out you think of the the chores that need to be accomplished. Yes mom I will be patient! Till next time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


And I'm proud to be an American
where at least I know I'm free
and I won't forget the men who died,
who gave the right to me. ~ Lee Greenwood

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This thermometer says it all!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No frost this morning for us, however parts of the state did. Just to be on the safe side I brought my tomato plants in last night. Today was a beautiful day to garden, but my gallbladder didn't want to corporate. I did see the surgeon this afternoon and he threw out words like "sluggish" and "thickened" so the gallbladder will go. No date for surgery as off yet, but hope it is soon. I have been searching for an arbor for a while now, but just never quite found what I was looking for. Last Friday I spied this black iron arbor at Lowes for $54.00. It fits nicely against our stone wall and the price was right.

I had purchased this cement stepping stone at the flower show in Fryeburg. I think it will fit nicely placed/planted under the arbor. I hope to plant Moon flowers which will trail up the arbor, that is if the deer don't discover them.

Sweet Emma Lou keeps watch over her "chooks"

This is the lovely Pip the Ameraucana or Easter egg layer. I have a feeling Pip might be a he, but am not positive. Her/his appearance is somewhat different than his counterpart Pearl. Only time will tell.
Lucy and Willa the Barred Rocks with Beatrix and Iris the Buffs. I love to hear their sweet music.

Just look at those sweet little faces. Well, my dear husband, while trying to be tactful announced "it smells like a barn in here". I replied, well there just babies what do you expect. They can't leave their mother yet, isn't that right Emma Lou. She just purred in agreement.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am happy to report that progress was made this weekend on the chicken coop. Trim fitted, Tyvek wrapped, three windows installed, a wooden door made, and a screen door in place. I think the girls will be pleased. I know I am. This would be a sweet little place to dress up girly, bring in a comfy bed, favorite books, kerosene lamps. Okay honey I hear you, yes I am forgetting it's for our feathered inhabitants ( I can day dream can't I) While hubby was laboring on the coop I worked in the gardens. The air was heavy with the sweet fragrance of lilacs, apple blossoms, daffodils, birds were singing and a gentle breeze kept the insects away. Can't get any better than this. To soon the Japanese beetles will arrive and the battle begins, beetles vs. the gardener. It is sad to say, but these beetles can devour a plant in no time. There is not much a gardener can do, pick them off and drop them in soapy water. I am hoping the hens will put a dent in the beetle population, but only time will tell.
A Salmon colored azalea and old fashioned white lilacs.

The perennial bed is filling in nicely. The one plant that did not survive the winter was a musk mallow. It is one of my favorite perennials, the Japanese beetles love to indulge in this one as well.

This crab apple tree is just spectacular.

Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into. Henry Ward Beckford~

Tomorrow I see the surgeon and see what my options are in regards to my gallbladder. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Emma Lou has decided to become an adoptive momma. She still is unsure of all the commotion going on in that big brown box, but decides to spend her days sleeping beside the chicks. As in sleeping on the bed which is beside the chick's condo unit. She keeps a tentative eye on all the wing flapping, hen scratching, sprint running, furry beings. I know what your thinking Emma, but I do not know how these little beings are creating so much dust! The girls are enjoying their added space. Willa is the first to try out the roost, she is the smallest and the feistiest. They now perch on their food and water feeders, what one does the others soon follow.

The four Buff chicks are the loudest, the two Ameraucanas are the friendliest, and the four Barred Rock the feistiest.

Wing and tail feathers are growing in, the temperature of the brooder has been lowered, the chicks don't seem quite as fragile. We try to hold them everyday, however, as of yet no one wants to sit on a lap. Pip will now feed out of my hand, the rest are content to watch.

Here's little Willa practicing her high wire act. After this photo was taken the rest of the chicks gave it a try. Then all in unison they peered up at me and decided it was time to fly the coop.
Wings were flapping and a grand attempt was made, but the screening was in arms reach and quickly placed over the lower end of the condo unit. That was close. "Honey I think you better work on the coop today." Till next time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yesterday my husband and I went to the Home and Garden Show in Fryeburg Maine. Fryeburg is located in Western Maine. As we were admiring the country side scenery the Presidential Mountain Range of New Hampshire was glimmering in the distance with snow. The colors of Spring.

Just lovely.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Henbogle. Henbogle is a fun and informative blog which I read daily. It offers topics on vegetable gardening, hoop houses, flowers, great recipes and this morning "chick" brooder additions. My little bantams are growing into rowdy juveniles and the need for more room was becoming inevitable, so today's blog from Henbogle came just at the right time. The girls gathered together and "pecked" over the idea. After much discussion Pip, Willa and Iris gave the "tails up" go ahead.
With a few spare boxes, duck tape, and a box cutter the condo was assembled. The girls seemed quite pleased with the additional space. Wings flapped, dust baths were taken, legs stretched, and take offs and landings were attempted.

I have the netting ready just encase those take offs become perfected to soon!
(Loretta don't give Willa any ideas she has enough of her own!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What a beautiful day it is here in Southern Maine. Early this morning I strolled the yard making a mental list of all the yard work that needs to be accomplished. As I neared my moon garden, I heard a "tapping" sound. To my surprise a Chickadee flew out to greet me, as if to say have a great day. A pair of Jenny Wrens have taken up residence in the bird house hanging from my crab apple tree.

Blue birds have found their nesting box. I have three more Blue bird houses like this with two being occupied by Blue birds and one by a pair of Swallows.

Speaking of birds my little "chooks" greet me each morning with such a sweet sound of little "peeps"

Little Pip and Pearl the Ameraucanas are growing their tail feathers, Willa still is the only one as
of yet who has taken flight.

My sweet Dad made this sign for me and my girls. Notice the lighthouse in the corner, it represents my island roots.Winslow says its time to get going, morning is fleeting. Isn't he a good boy all buckled up in his seat belt. Hope you all have had a great day.

Till next time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Beautiful roses for Mother's Day from my dear husband. A wonderful new gardening book from my parents.

And now my sweet little "chooks" as Jenny from England would say. 4 Buff Orpington, 4 Barred Rock and 2 Ameraucanas. All ten are thriving and doing well.

The largest chick is a Ameraucana which I named Pip. She is named after Dani's ( On The Way To Critter Farm) little Polish Crested hen. I so enjoyed reading about Dani's Pip and was saddened when she had to find a new home for her. Pip was being pecked to death and thus new housing was warranted. My runt is Willa, named by my niece Darlena. Willa is a Barred Rock and is the first to accomplish lift off thus landing on the feeder.

I am amazed how quickly these little puffballs have grown. Today is day six, their little wings are flapping and its just a matter of time before they all lift off. Emma noses in to investigate, but finds them uninteresting. I think maybe this is because she has been an indoors only kitty, "socks" are her prey. Winslow has not been properly introduced as of yet. He sits at the bottom of the stairs (Winslow does not do stairs) knowing something is "up."
I had forewarned my family if I could keep all ten chicks alive I would be moving on to goats, stay tuned! Oh, and yes I still have my gallbladder, no call from the doctor as of yet.