Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Beautiful roses for Mother's Day from my dear husband. A wonderful new gardening book from my parents.

And now my sweet little "chooks" as Jenny from England would say. 4 Buff Orpington, 4 Barred Rock and 2 Ameraucanas. All ten are thriving and doing well.

The largest chick is a Ameraucana which I named Pip. She is named after Dani's ( On The Way To Critter Farm) little Polish Crested hen. I so enjoyed reading about Dani's Pip and was saddened when she had to find a new home for her. Pip was being pecked to death and thus new housing was warranted. My runt is Willa, named by my niece Darlena. Willa is a Barred Rock and is the first to accomplish lift off thus landing on the feeder.

I am amazed how quickly these little puffballs have grown. Today is day six, their little wings are flapping and its just a matter of time before they all lift off. Emma noses in to investigate, but finds them uninteresting. I think maybe this is because she has been an indoors only kitty, "socks" are her prey. Winslow has not been properly introduced as of yet. He sits at the bottom of the stairs (Winslow does not do stairs) knowing something is "up."
I had forewarned my family if I could keep all ten chicks alive I would be moving on to goats, stay tuned! Oh, and yes I still have my gallbladder, no call from the doctor as of yet.