Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My head remained a bit to long on the pillow this morning...not only did this throw my day off...Emma Lou let it be known she would like her breakfast sooner rather than later...Winslow Homer was patiently waiting to go out to do his business and the chickens, simply fed up with Don Juan and his repetitive announcement of daylight. Finally out the door Winslow and I enjoyed our morning walk through the woods. Leaves were softly falling with the color of fall blanketing the trail below. The woods were silent with the exception of squirrels scouring about.
Once back home my kitchen was soon filled with the aroma of cranberry banana bread. The recipe I use is from Janet, proprietor of the blog Old Crow Primitives. This recipe has become a favorite, the bread is moist and the cranberries offer the perfect tartness. YUMMY. By now I am sure you have come to the conclusion that Fall is my favorite season. Black, orange and teal are my favorite colors. I am very fond of pumpkins in any shape and form, so when I came upon this lovely pumpkin girl I knew she needed to come live with us here at Dog Trot Farm.The Jack-O-Lantern below found his way home with me many years ago. When I unpack my holiday decorations, no matter the season, I feel as though I am reconnecting with old friends, do you ever feel this was too?Now, I have seen Christmas commercials on television, I have even heard Christmas music playing in the background of certain stores. I admit instead of putting me in the buying mode, it has the opposite effect. Please, let me digest my Thanksgiving meal before the buying frenzy begins.With that being said, I vow to enjoy Autumn, in it's entirety. There will be popcorn balls and candy apples, Halloween, pumpkin pie and candy corn...The crunching of leaves under my feet.These are the days that I have been waiting for...tonight I shall set the alarm clock...I don't want to waste one precious moment of this glorious season by over sleeping. Did I mention there are snow showers in the forecast?