Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last Monday, Memorial Day my parents came in town for a visit. The four of us went to the cemetery and then out to breakfast. Once home my dad went upstairs to pay a visit to the "girls." The next thing I heard was" Julie I think you better come up." Sweet innocent Pip had flown the condo. The netting was off and she was sitting behind the brooder. I scooped her up and placed her back in with her sisters. Upon inspection there were telltale signs of a grand adventure. Bird tracks everywhere. So, as of today Miss Pip and her sisters are being relocated to their coop. Now, I will miss all the chirping and singing, but not the dust that these girls generate. I now understand what my cousin Eve over at" Sunny Side Up" meant when she said "I can't wait to get the guineas out, the dust is driving me crazy". As of this afternoon all ten little "chooks" Pip, Pearl, Willa, Lucy, Gladys, Iris, Beatrix, Henny Penny, Charlotte, and Mable will be safe and sound in their new home.