Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My mild mannered, even tempered, petite banty beauty Josephine has gone BROODY. A broody hen might be compared to a MENOPASUAL women or one experencing a bad case of PMS. Josephine has recently decided she perfers her own company and would greatly appreciate the coop to herself and all that enter should BEWARE...especially ROOSTERS...Now being that I, a kind hearted, loving coop keeper...but not wanting anymore chicks...and certainly not wanting to take the chance of more roosters joining our little flock...I quickly and quietly placed three lovely wooden eggs in the nest box...Josephine is tolerant...and appears quite content... Thrifting 101... Cathy of the wonderful blog Acorn Hollow, shares with her readers the wonderful items she discovers FREE at the DUMP STORE. She has scored big time over and over again and recently found a Salmon Falls Pottery Lamp, which originally sold for $150.00.Really big score... I have never been so lucky and we do not have a DUMP STORE in my area, however, some weeks ago I saw this lamp at Goodwill... it is a pottery lamp from L.L.Bean and the Goodwill price of $2.50. BIG SCORE...

Last week, at a flea market I stumbled upon this book, the classic The Night Before Christmas, but what is special about this book it is illistrated by dear Tasha Tudor, also $2.50.

and last but certainly not least, a child's size Radio Flyer wheelbarrow.

It is not old nor vintage, but brand new and fifteen dollars less than what I had expected to pay for a new one at Tractor Supply. Someday I anticipate a little boy pushing it along the dirt driveway, possibly filled with frogs or snakes, trucks and tractors, saying "Granny, Granny look what I have found." All in good time, all in good time.