Thursday, May 14, 2009


Henbogle. Henbogle is a fun and informative blog which I read daily. It offers topics on vegetable gardening, hoop houses, flowers, great recipes and this morning "chick" brooder additions. My little bantams are growing into rowdy juveniles and the need for more room was becoming inevitable, so today's blog from Henbogle came just at the right time. The girls gathered together and "pecked" over the idea. After much discussion Pip, Willa and Iris gave the "tails up" go ahead.
With a few spare boxes, duck tape, and a box cutter the condo was assembled. The girls seemed quite pleased with the additional space. Wings flapped, dust baths were taken, legs stretched, and take offs and landings were attempted.

I have the netting ready just encase those take offs become perfected to soon!
(Loretta don't give Willa any ideas she has enough of her own!)