Saturday, November 21, 2009


There was a lot of whispering going on in the barnyard yesterday. It all began with Gladys and Willa.... who couldn't wait to tell what they had overheard to Lucy and Henny.
This "buzz" was all about Honey my sweet little Buff. Gladys just had to stroll by and give Honey a once over. Humm...could be true I suppose. She then went to inform Pip of what she had overheard. Not one to draw attention to herself, Honey took it all in stride.You see I went to collect eggs yesterday morning and everyone had performed their daily duty but little Honey. She was still in the nesting box. I quietly watched and waited, after a couple of strong pushes Honey's egg plopped out. She made her usual vocal announcement and off she went ( but did seem to be a little slower in her movement). I gathered the eggs and went into the house and decided to line the eggs up when I realized my little Honey had bestowed upon me the largest egg in Dog Trot Farm egg producing history.
I had to find out just how much this beautiful egg weighed.
Well, if you can't read the scale Honey's egg weighed in at a little over three ounces, yes three ounces! ( Now I realize why Honey was moving somewhat slower yesterday afternoon). I would be too. I've given Honey the day off - I think she's earned a well deserved day lazing in the sun.