Saturday, April 25, 2009


Oh what a glorious day, this is the sort of day you never want to end. The temperature in the low eighties, a gentle Southerly breeze. Green is becoming the prominent color in the landscape, trees starting to bud, it is a magical time of year. Today I uncovered my flower gardens. This is what I call my "moon" garden. A Hydrangea tree in the center, white perennials and silver foliage bloom during the summer. Springtime bulbs also find a home here.

My Herb garden being uncovered under the watchful eye of Winslow Homer.

My perennial bed is a color mixture of pinks, purples, whites, lime greens and blues. It appears most plants have endured our lengthy winter and are now just waiting to make their grand appearance.

Forsythia, a sure sign of spring.Yes Winslow you are a good boy. Thank you for keeping Mr. fox out of the yard, now go get a drink of water and find a shady spot to relax, I'll be right behind you.

We all worked under the watchful eye of Emma Lou. Is that an "orb" I see in this photo, oh Lordy, I knew there were spirits in this house, I hope they remain friendly!