Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There is a constant hum of generators filling the evening air...Hurricane Sandy has subsided here in Southern Maine....but has left many of us in the dark...we are fortunate that we (Dog Trot Farm) have a generator...a birthday gift to me two years prior from my most generous parents... 
In between  raindrops Travis and I managed to get our walk in...Happily, I noticed that our street appeared  unscathed...a tree limb here and there but nothing major...however... around the corner trees and wires blocked the roads...this evening our internet/ cable returned and we (Mr. Dog Trot and I) were finally able to view the destruction and devastation  in New York... New Jersey... and other surrounding states...Also the snowstorm in West Virginia...I hope you (my dear blogging friends and readers) are safe and have suffered no personal damage...keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers...Our youngest son, Travis' dad, is an On Target utility employee..he's away from his family helping others get their power back, and we wish him a safe journey and a quick return home.