Saturday, June 12, 2010


First let me say everyone who knows me understands how much I love my chickens, especially my husband who has witnessed my reaction first hand when Mr fox shows up. Also when you reach a certain age in life "you throw caution to the wind" and sometimes act or think like a fool, but you no longer care, (I know you ladies understand what I am talking about) with that being said.... My husband does a lot of road time and overnights with his job. I think he minds this more than I do because it is when I send him pictures like these, his heart skips a beat. "Julie, we are not a chicken hotel", I let that thought linger with him for a brief moment.....
Finally I say, I understand that. A pause and a sigh on his part and I finally admitted the photos was taken at "the farm" down the road. 100 "peeps" are now new residents to the farm. Just look at what I spied on the water jug, a Polish. Now my heart skipped a beat.

"Julie, no more chickens!" However, In my mind I am thinking hum mm... when you introduce a new member to an established flock you sneak her in at night, maybe, just maybe I could attempt that scenario with the Polish. Hum mm......Never say never, that's my motto!