Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I decided to purchase a few new primitive items to add to my Fall decor. However, with today's economy one needs to be mindful of each and every penny spent. So, I decided to give myself a monetary challenge- a spending cap of $12.00, yup you read that correctly. I know what you're thinking, can't purchase much for $12.00. Well, are you ready to come along on my spending excursion/challenge? First stop The Dollar Store. Now, there have been many a time I have found "ZIPPO" at the Dollar Store- most often I just purchase gift bags and tissue paper, but today I found this white ceramic pumpkin....

along with one in a soft shade of teal and one in orange. All three are very nicely made.... and just look at this crow....how could I pass this guy up. You can never have too many crows (in my opinion) especially this time of the year.

Next stop The Christmas Tree Shop.... where I spied this little Jack-o-Lantern. This little primitive pumpkin has eye's that light and a smile so sweet....in my cart he went.

one wooden candlestick with festive tag and ribbon.... a sweetly scented candle.

and then my favorite find of the day.... a pair of witches shoe's. I love these babies...and look at the bells....they are perfect....Oh, I just knew they were waiting for me....the only pair to be found. So lets see how I did....
One crow $1.00
three ceramic pumpkins $3.00
one candle stick $2.99
one candle .50
witches shoes $3.99

Total: $11.48

In my opinion it was not only a successful challenge, but fun....now, if only I could do that well shopping at the grocery store....