Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This morning (or to be truthful early this afternoon) I collected eggs. My "girl's" are not morning layers, but have usually finished up by one o'clock in the afternoon.Yesterday I had been looking through my cookbooks for a CRANBERRY BANANA BREAD recipe with little luck. I sat at my computer and began to google when "low and behold" "OLDE CROW PRIMITIVES" had just offered a recipe on her blog. Exactly what I had been searching for. I gathered the ingredients, however, I did not have cardamon which this recipe called for, but substituted fresh orange zest instead. I have to state I love anything with cranberries- granola, stuffing, muffins, homemade cranberry relish, cranberry raisin pie, so I just had to add a few more cranberries than this recipe called for. Just a few mind you.

An hour later the breads were out of the oven and on the cooling rack. My kitchen smelled amazing and believe me when I say this is a delicious recipe. I definitely will make this again. Now, go check out "OLDE CROW PRIMITIVES" and make some of these breads for yourself. Don't forget to add cardamon to your grocery list, I have.