Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Monday's offering of picture perfect weather was the ideal opportunity to head to the berry patch. I enjoy berry picking, I find it soothing as well as satisfying. "The weight of the world just melts from ones shoulder's". It also gives me a feeling of connection to the pioneer women of long ago. The only hitch of the day, one orchard offered raspberries with no blueberries and another offered blueberries with no raspberries. So DH and I hit two local orchards. First stop, blueberries. We picked twelve pounds of berries in such a short period of time the bushes were "loaded" and the company few and far between. The conditions ideal, sun shining and a lovely breeze. The berries juicy, sweet and plump. Yes I admit I got a little carried away, but blueberries are my favorite (shhh...and my girl's). It is so rewarding to be able to whip up a fruit smoothie while a Northeaster is howling outside. The girls certainly enjoy a few berries sprinkled on their warm oatmeal during the winter months. Gotta keep my girl's happy and healthy-blueberries, nature's antioxidants. Next, raspberries. Not as abundant as the blueberries, but certainly worth the effort and oh so juicy and sweet. So, once back home I dusted off the canning kettle and set to work.
By the end of the day I had produced three batches of blueberry jam and one of raspberry. Future Christmas offerings for friends and family. Tomorrow I hope to make a favorite blueberry cake, the recipe found in Tasha Tudor's cookbook "Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage." Many of Tasha's recipes call for a "farm fresh egg" and again so rewarding to be able to head out to the coop, grope under one of my girl's and snatch that fresh egg. Thanks girls. Berry picking, it's a good thing! If you have the opportunity head out and pick local!