Sunday, January 3, 2010


Still snowing...Snowflakes are dancing outside my window and the last bit of balsam fragrance lingers in the air. Our Christmas tree has been placed out doors by the bird feeder where I will hang peanut butter covered pine cones for the birds. The wood stove is cranking away keeping our nest snug and warm. I should also mention the sound of the Patriots football game is in the background where I can hear grumbling coming from my DH, game tied up, oh no... The girls are literally feeling "cooped up" however, a warm treat usually gives them a temporary reprieve. Only Pip and Georgia took me up on the offer of an outing this morning. They had no more gone out the door, when they promptly turned around and went right back in. I guess conditions in the coop were far more superior than the conditions outside.
Speaking of my girls, chicken fever has really caught on at my house. First it began with my new chicken calender. I heard a few "oh my Gods"
Then for my December birthday my brother sent me a musical chicken card, doing what else- the "chicken dance". My brother scored big points finding that card. He better watch out because he has a "big" birthday happening in April. I love having a big brother!
Along with my birthday card was the most creative birthday gift I have ever received, an egg carrier. Not any old egg carrier, but one hand made.
My brother Kris saw the idea in a magazine and put his creative spin on it. Ten egg holes, one for each of my ten hens. He left the finishing to me, he knew I would need to give it that "prim look" that we primitive lovers all strive for. It has two coats of milk paint, now all I need to do is scruff it up and put a coat of wax on it, good to go. Oh, I forgot to mention he made me two of these for me. Always good to have an extra, don't ya know.
This very fragrant smelling wax hen I received in my Christmas stocking.

And these wonderful faux eggs were sent to me by my cousin Eve in Alabama. I made a little nest and added the eggs and now my little hen has a home of her own, eggs and all.

Eve also sent me this sweet little kitchen towel, it reminded her of Gladys and I just love it.

Have I mentioned that Tractor Supply has become my new favorite store? Not only did they provide me with a free fifty pound bag of natural feed for the girls, but I found this Lip Junk. I thought it was a proper gift for our family themed "Funny Thrifty Yankee Swap" that was held out on the Island this year. Wrong- no one appreciated it but me. Hey the stuff works great and to top it off it's not made in China!
Honey you want to try some? " No thanks" was his reply and with that he gave me a little kiss, "gee, that stuff tastes pretty good". Never underestimate the power of a chicken. Oh, and FYI the Patriots lost.