Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Oh, Springtime in New England, the air is permeated with the heavenly fragrance of apple blossoms and daffodils. The visual presence of Spring blossoms are found as far as the eye can see. Tis Springtime at it's finest hour. For now the "dust has settled" here at Dog Trot Farm. Well, if you exclude me locking myself out of the house and my DH's company vehicle being taken for a joy ride at 4AM, but that is a story for another day. Dear sweet Gladys has returned to the company of her sisters in the chicken yard. First it was days only, but now that I am assured she is capable of flying to the roost at night time she is residing full time. I do miss the presence of a hen in the house, DH agrees and Winslow Homer rather enjoyed having a "bunk mate."
Gladys was warmly welcomed back by the flock and so happy to once again be able to bathe. My girl Gladys loves to let the dirt fly. However, it appears an uprising has been going on in the coop unbeknown to me. First Gladys spilled the beans....
Then Charlotte was more than happy to voice her opinion (by the way Charlotte completely recovered from her incident with Mr. Fox with his jaws of death. She is plump and seems no worse for wear.)
Little Henny Penny just couldn't wait to add her two cents. (Henny has completely recovered from the trauma of being hen pecked and her feathers have grown in quite nicely.)
Please do not let on to Miss Willa that I took this most undignified photo of her - she is rather modest. Someone once again has been feather pecking, this time derrieres. Three derrieres for that matter. Out comes the Blue Kote - again. I should have bought stock with this company. I informed the girl's purple feathers were hip and they would be contributing to fashion history, soon there would be purple feathers in chicken yards everywhere.
But why was it that this girl "Miss Pip" retained all her feather's, might that be a guilty look on her face? Why I do believe so and yes I have just experienced this naughty girl in action.
And with that Miss Pip is now having a "time out"
Did I mention I missed having a hen in the house????