Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Rain

Saturday we saw the sun. Our neighborhood was abuzz with the sound of lawnmowers, everyone frantically getting outside chores accomplished before the return of the rain. This morning the rain did indeed return, as is apparent in these garden photos. The perennial bed is lush and filling in nicely however, the snails and slugs are enjoying quite a feast. I have read putting saucers of beer in the garden will draw them away from the plants. I suppose they become intoxicated and drown, if the rain continues I'll have to give this a try.Look at this sweet face, meet Edythe LaRue. She has resided with us for a week, her personality is blooming. She definitely is an Edythe, a strong willed kitty, but very loving. Winslow is not sure about Edythe, since she still spends most of her time upstairs; Winslow does not climb stairs. Emma spends her time residing on the back of the couch, minding her own business. The "chooks" are going to need raincoats and galoshes if this rain continues, Eve send us some of your Alabama sunshine!