Wednesday, November 10, 2010


He is just a little dog, my Winslow Homer. He came to live at Dog Trot Farm nine years ago traveling all the way from Kansas. His mother's name was Julie Dee and mine, Julie with my middle initial D. It was fate and it was meant to be. That particular Saturday morning in February DH and I left Dog Trot to run errands. On our list, a new shedding brush for our dog Chloe. In the past our two dogs have been rough coated Collies, one of the most gentle and loving breeds of dogs. So to make a long story short.... instead of returning home with that new brush we arrived home with a puppy.... Winslow Homer. It has been a decision that we have never regretted. Winslow is now our only dog since Chloe's passing, he is a little dog with a big personality and a loyal and faithful companion. This week DH and I noticed Winslow was not quite himself, he was just to darn quiet. We thought the dreaded FLEAS.... lots of itching and chewing going on.... So Monday afternoon off to the veterinarian we headed. ONE FLEA was discovered and a nice healthy flea allergy. Winslow returned the following morning to spend the DAY for blood tests and x-rays....the diagnosis, Winslow Homer is now an insulin dependent diabetic....Twice daily for the rest of his life he will require insulin shots.... weekly blood sugar checks and once monthly full body workups. Just as with humans there is a lot of highs and lows with this disease however, Winslow's mom and dad are ready to take on the challenge. Surprisingly, I have become quite proficient in administering his shots, who knew?....I know he is just a little dog, but if you could find it in your heart to say a little prayer for him we here at Dog Trot Farm sure would be ever so grateful....thank you to our friends ~Julie&Winslow Homer~